Who Is this Group For?


It's often frustrating when you don’t know where to start, or you’re not getting the same results as a neighbor. This forum gives a network of experienced and problem solving cover crop experts who you can ask your cover crop questions. Or maybe you’re a cover crop pioneer who enjoys sharing your discoveries with those who want to learn.


This is the platform to share what has and has not worked for you, hopefully fast-tracking others to success! More importantly, everyone involved will be able to increase their cover crop knowledge and help make cover crops pay. One good idea alone will undoubtedly pay for your membership investment.


Consultants and Agronomists

Tough cover crop questions may make you want to run from the concept. There simply are not many experienced individuals you can contact at any given moment throughout the year to get good advice.


Access to a network of seasoned individuals will help you gain confidence by asking someone who’s “been there, done that”. Or at the very least, the group can suggest strategies or ideas that your farmers may want to try. This will greatly increase your value to your clients. You can become the “go-to” cover crop expert in your area.



Are you confident you are teaching practical cover crop concepts and techniques? By sharpening your knowledge, you can better serve others in your sphere of influence. Get practical advice and insights from real world farmers and in research situations. Time spent mingling with the people in the trenches will magnify the relevance of your message.


Seed Companies

What are the latest trends? Are cover crop mixes worth the effort in providing them to your customers? Should you invest in breeding new desirable cover crop traits?


There’s nothing better than observing or asking questions from those who are in the field. In this forum, you can ask farmers which cover crop species or mixes they’re finding to be effective. Become more informed about cover crop trends and profitable strategies and you’ll be the recognized leader in your sales area.


Equipment Manufacturers

At what point do you jump on the cover crop bandwagon? Is there enough interest to take on another product line? Tap into the nuts and bolts of which equipment the farmers are finding works best for them in establishing and handling cover crops. 


Don’t waste your time and money guessing which of your existing products are succeeding or need to be refined. In this group, you just might find the next great farmer invention that can be taken to the marketplace.


Cover Crop Researchers

Farmers are notorious for distrusting research that does not have practical application. This is a great place from which to learn what farmers say they need in order to advance cover crop use in terms of genetics, nutrient and management strategies, and many other aspects.


It will provide a forum for disseminating research results far and wide, giving you a broader audience as a researcher.


Soil and Water Quality Advocates 

Many well-meaning and well-funded advocacy groups fall short in effectively leveraging the value they bring to the table in advancing cover crops. The heartbeat of practical cover crop use can be accessed via this group.


There is no other opportunity like this to listen, ask questions, and devise effective means of strategic cover crop promotion. Everyone can expand their network of key contacts. Your donors will be pleased and open to additional support when they know your group is hitting the target of committed goals.



How does it work?


Brand new to cover crops?

30-year veteran?

This group helps you get to the next level, no matter your experience.

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Ask our experts to find out if it has potential in your area!

Are you a Trainer?

Do you want to help teach farmers how to effectively use cover crops? 

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