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I appreciate your excellent service and good luck with growing the business.


You are definitely on the right track.



You are doing great work that is of the greatest of gifts to mankind. 


Thanks for all you are doing.  It is desperately needed work.

Doug B.

Middleburg, PA

Although I am based in the UK and not all the examples or situations are relevant, the "Warts and All" information that is passed within this group is invaluable. 


The principles are always the same and we can definitely learn from successes and failures of farmers wherever they may be from. 


Of particular interest is the innovation and ingenious solutions that have and are being developed to improve the results from cover cropping, including establishment, destruction, incorporation, etc. 


I look forward to learning more in the future and to contribute more from practical experience in the UK this year.

Ian Gould

Huntingdon, United Kingdom

What I enjoy about this group is that it is full of positive forward thinking individuals.

This group also allows me to gain experience with cover crops and no-till and ask people in the group questions about no till and cover crop that I can't get answers for in my local area.


I also enjoy the webinars....And again thank you for putting all of this great information together!

Derek Seiders

Oregon, USA

You certainly stirred some excitement for your Cover Crop Innovators program!


Cover Crop Innovator Member

Being a member of the Cover Crop Innovators Group has helped me stay up to speed and informed with others across the country about the how, when, and why cover crops fit into their agricultural practices. This group has been helpful, innovative, and informative.

Jacob Barnes

Pennington Seed

I'm definitely learning a lot, and I find the concepts and tips from your hands-on experience that you offer really valuable.

Jen Nelson

Delaware, USA

I like being in a group dedicated to learning and sharing all aspects of cover crops and cover cropping practices and having the regular webinars and email reminders keeps the subject on the forefront all throughout the year rather than a last minute thing that only comes up intermittently. Thanks for taking the lead on the critical matter for sustainable ag.

Charles Grantham

North Carolina, USA

Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with the innovators group. I've enjoyed it.


Cover Crop Innovator Member

“I enjoyed listening to your experience in Bulgaria- very interesting!”


Jim Hershey

Pennsylvania, USA

Thanks for being a good resource of cover crop information!


Cover Crop Innovator Member

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