Cover crop project will lead to cleaner water

I've been to Washington D.C. twice with the Cover Crop Working Group meeting with several folks within the USDA about tying in reduced crop insurance rate for farmers who use cover crops.

"Iowa is launching a first-in-the-country “good farmer discount” for cover crops through crop insurance premiums, which could become a model for the nation. It will provide a small, $5 per-acre incentive for cover crops planted on “new" cover crop acres, which are not already receiving cost share for the practice. The state will provide the funding."

The author of this article, Ray Gaesser, was part of that team. This new development comes from Iowa and I know their Secretary of Ag, Bill Northey, had significant influence with this innovative idea.

Bill is waiting confirmation for a prominent position in the USDA so hopefully momentum will take this National!

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