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Steve Groff has been no-till farming since 1992. He hosts the live 30-minute weekly webinar based on current cover crop topics. 

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Convinced about the value of Cover Crop Innovators?

Steve Groff

Cover Crop Coach,

Webinar Host &

Developer of the Tillage Radish

I grew up as a farmer. It’s in my blood and I love it. 


I started doing cover crop research on my farm in 1995 under the direction of Dr. Ray Weil, Soil Scientist with the University of Maryland. 


In 2001, I helped develop the world-renowned Tillage Radish. Perhaps more than any other single cover crop, this product generated attention and enthusiasm for cover crops of all kinds, and their role in modern agriculture. 


In 2004, I began pioneering the cover crop seeding industry, which led to a global demand met by a proliferation of seed suppliers, distributors and dealers. 


Today’s greatest need: expanding and sharing the tremendous value of cover crop to farmers and other cover crop trainers. I’m constantly learning, and passionate about sharing all the expertise I’ve been fortunate to glean with others. 


By sharing together, we all win!


While the science of cover cropping is always expanding, the roots of my philosophy are always the same: 


  1. Soil is meant to be covered.

  2. Planning and understanding are essential to farming success.

  3. “Why” and “How” are essential - Concepts plus practical instruction.

  4. Treat your cover crops like your cash crops!


I’m excited for you to be a part of our group!