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Improve Your

Cover Crop Program.


"You can't just throw on cover crops and expect miracles. You're going to have to do a little research and management to be effective..."

—Cover Crop Coach 

  • Achieve more profitable results.

  • Avoid costly mistakes & eliminate setbacks.

  • Stay current on latest techniques. 

  • Discover best practices.

  • Connect with experts and other farmers.

  • Turn our expertise into your success.

Get ready to:

Cover Crop Innovators is an interactive subscription-based group providing expert advice, cutting-edge techniques and advanced cover crop concepts to help improve soil health and bottom line results.

Thousands of farmers & experts benefit from Steve: 


Steve Groff hosts live webinars focusing on practical & relevant topics.
Over 47 ways to improve your cover crop program are ready for you. 


Enjoy these educational sessions from the comfort of your office, home or tractor cab. 


Our private members-only Facebook group provides a strong network of professionals who regularly share and learn from one another.

Members around the world have already joined, providing a strong foundation of discussion and a broad-based forum to answer tough cover crop questions.

Use these 10 proven strategies to increase your cover crop acreage by 10% WITHOUT costly mistakes!

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checklist now.



In the world's largest library of cover crop training webinars, 

Cover Crop Coach & expert Steve Groff reveals valuable insights and practical tips on current topics, including:

  • Strategies for making cover crops pay

  • How much fertilizer can I save by using cover crops?

  • Cover Cropping after Wheat Harvest

  • Managing Herbicide-resistant weeds

  • Interseeding cover crops into knee-high corn

  • Common mistakes when planting corn into cereal rye

  • Proven strategies of rolling & crimping cover crops

Over 47 Ways to Improve

your Cover Crop Program!

All webinars are recorded and available 24x7 to members!

The Big Show

Listen to Steve Groff's interview.

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Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

Listen to Steve Groff's interview with John Kempf.

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John Kempf interview

"The very latest innovations and discoveries in cover cropping from around the world are here in one place.”


Cover Crop Innovators Member

"Educate Yourself"

Cover Crop Coach Steve Groff on Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) 

Steve Groff farms 265 acres of corn, soybean, small grains, pumpkins and other vegetables. He uses cover crops on 100 percent of his acres, and plants them even if it is late in the year.


Groff started using cover crops in the early 1980s simply for erosion control, but now appreciates their many benefits, including nutrient management, moisture conservation and soil health improvement. A few of the cover crops he uses are radishes, cereal rye, clover, vetch and oats.


In this video, he offers tips to farmers thinking about starting with cover crops: "Before you buy a bag of seed, educate yourself."

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