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Here a new twist on cover cropping/relay cropping- no-till planting corn into an old suppressed alfalfa stand.

Seems to have some merit although I'd be more concerned about the moisture equation than the perspective shared in this article.

Do you think this may work?


I've known the Rulons for several years and have presented at meetings they have had at their farm.

Not only do they have an impressive operation, I do not know of another farm that has tackled the nebulous economic benefits of cover crops like they have!

Their "pencil...

I understand that it can be difficult to invest in your soil when you might not see obvious results.

But when weather extremes present themselves, that's when payday occurs.

I started replicated cover crop testing in 1995. I didn't see much change until a drought in 19...


What do you think of this trend toward the use of microbial products?

How far will it go?

What has been your experience using them?

Are they an enhancement to cover crops or are they not needed if you use cover crops?

Learn more in this article

Get the inside ti...

Do you know what the 5 "Food Groups" are for microbes in your soil?

Read this great article from a leading mainstream ag publication to find out what they are! 

"Farmers with diverse crop rotations have more predictable yields,” says Wick. Those soils are able to withst...

Most farmers agree that adding small grains to a crop rotation is a good thing.

But the roadblock usually seems to be that markets are limited to non-existent for oats, wheat, barley, etc.

Who's fault is that? Government programs certainly don't encourage small grains....

I wrote this article in early 2017 based on my 22 years of experience in cover cropping. 

"It’s no secret. We all know of farmers who’ve either succeeded or failed in using cover crops.

The overall key to success is how you approach the concept — your “cover crop mi...

This is an interesting article on the heels of my webinar on Cover Crops and Climate Change.

I've read other reports of the earth "greening" a bit over the past decade or so and this seems plausible.

The effect this has on water, I think, needs to continue to be monitore...

There's no better way to make cover crops pay then to include grazing with them.

This article provides some top notch basic information, especially for dryland areas.

Grazing and cover crops can fast track fields to measurable higher levels of soil health! 

Get the inside...

Yes, planting into a cover crop that is as tall as most farmers can be intimidating!

Start with beans- they are the easiest and most forgiving.

As stated in this article, start small and get comfortable with the practice.

Kudos to Iowa farmers getting on the cover crop ba...

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Dwayne Beck brings back the cows

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