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Here's a cover crop conference you won't want to miss!

Please join us December 7-8, 2017, for the second National Conference on Cover Crops and Soil Health in Indianapolis. 

Some of the best cover crop speakers will be sharing their latest knowledge and insights.

The Ke...

Local speaking engagement to hear from your Cover Crop Coach, Steve Groff. 

MANHEIM, Pa. — The two-day Mid-Atlantic Soil Health Conference is an excellent opportunity for farmers and agency staff to interact and network regarding the challenges and opportunities they fa...


I just finished reading David Montgomery's book, Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life. I highly recommend it.

He profiles farmers who are 'doing' regenerative agriculture, and cover crops are a common denominator!

This article is building off the...

Did you ever read an article that just put a topic in perspective where you think, "I couldn't have said it any better."?

For me, this is one of those articles. I've met Jenna a few times and she's the real deal when it comes to cover crop passion and expertise!

If you...

It could be argued that Decatur, IL is one of the least cover cropped or no tilled areas in the U.S. where agriculture is the mainstay.

The Farm Progress Show is a premier event to showcase "big iron" and is often where equipment companies will roll out their latest pr...

I wrote this article last week for American Ag.

Growing your own cover crop seed may or may not be worth the trouble.

There are 2 distinctive paths to do this and it's in your best interest to do it legally!

This article describes, in simple farmer friendly terms, how...

This nomination announced in this article is good news for cover crop and conservation ag advocates.

Over the years, I've met and spoken with Secretary Bill Northey several times when I was in Iowa.

He's certainly a champion of cover crops and with this position as und...

Iowa does indeed lead in several categories of crop production.

However, it's fair to say they have not been on the forefront of cover crop adoption over the past 20 years- but that is changing!

Good to see them finally coming around with some serious cover cropping ac...

Another equipment modification to serve the cover crop market.

It's very good to see this article! Both Hagie and Montag have been committed to cover crops for the past several years.

This not only serves the cover cropping industry well but also gives these manufactur...

Great video from a farmer in the heartland of U.S. agriculture- South Central Illinois on how he has evolved with the use of cover crops.

He certainly demonstrates the right mindset in approaching a cover cropping system!

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